Welcome in My world slave I am Mistress Annabelle implement it into your small brain dont call me in another way! When you come in My room must to know some things : you must to be in knees with head and eyes down on the floor and wait for my orders! Be useful , kind and dont dare to waste My time! I am not here to waste My time, I am here cuz I need your service!

Usually 23:00-07:00 If you want to book a session ask servant!

I hate to repeat , always I am clear with what I want slave! Be polite and with head down always waiting for my orders!

Hallo, ich bin Herrin Annabelle, ich sehe nur für echte Sklaven, Sissies ... Chucky, Schweine ... etc komm und entdecke mich skl !!!


Ich hasse es zu wiederholen, immer bin ich klar mit dem, was ich Sklave will!