I am the Queen, i am the Boss and you will do anything i want to make me happy! Always answer when you are asked, so you dont have to face my rage! I am your sun and you have to worship every cm of my body to get reward!BDSM- Without pain there is no pleasure! Am I right? Solving sexual puzzle - Well, I am a Sex Queen, I must know it all! #Walking on heels -What's sexier than my hips glancing left and right? Really sloppy deep throat- Well, like I said it...I like it dirty, I like it deep...I like it messy and ill teach you how to do it to my strapon! hehehe Cuckolding - Sit down honey. I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but we have to talk. I’ve never really been happy with sex with you. You try hard and all but I don’t think your cock is big enough to please me. Now, I’ve taken a love who does satisfy me and had agreed to let you be our cuckold. What do you think about this? Small penis humiliation – a small hanging meat makes me laugh Cock ball torture/ cbt Just think at this: the moment I am sliding my hand between your legs and I whisper “This is mine. Are we clear?” I am going to give you what you crave and what I want. Take a deep breath! #Foot fetish -I don't really need to tell you why my beautiful feet deserve to be worshiped, right? Seeing how many times you can edge! I could have every single centimeter of your body pressed tight against mine and I'd still say..."pull me closer".

23:00-07:00 (+2) monday to friday

bad slaves !