I don't want to pretend anything. I am what I am. Since now no more. I am not this much sure about myself though, not this much self-confident... I don't know. I'm kinda lost. I am here to understand myself, to understand what a man I want in my life, to understand what I like. It's complicated sometimes to realize who you are. I'm on my way. Don't want to hide it anymore. I know I have my good sides. But I don't know how to show them. How to let you see them. I need your support. Really. I promise to be sweet. To be sincere. To be responsive. I'm learning myself, want to develop, to grow... To make up my life. Let's talk?

When is the best? I'm a student, as all students I can be a bad girl hihih And skip my lessons - for those moments I'm here. But some teachers are strict and make me attent my classes haha I am sometimes online in mornings, sometimes in the afternoon

I don't like being alone. Also can't stand rudeness. then I'm immediately closed for any communication. It's always easier to answer what you don't want then what you want, right? At least, with me that's often like that))) What about you?

Goedemiddag! :d Mijn naam is Alica. Ik ben 21

's Avonds... Tegen middernacht... Wanneer kun je komen? hihi

uhm... uhm... Ik weet het niet !!!

Ich weiß nicht ... Ich muss darüber nachdenken, was ich dir erzählen soll

Wann ist die beste Zeit?

Ich mag es nicht alleine zu sein