What do I have to say here? I don't know this fast, was thinking about it, but don't know what to say, I have a random life, I go to work, for now I'm single, had some long term relations, it's done for now, I have many friends, I love them, always care about close people to be honest, I live on the coast, love walking on the beach, in summer sunbathing and swimming, running on the coast also, I think I am a bit romantic, shy, but only till I don't get used to someone, then open some more and become more open-minded and emotional, I want a man who I will feel comfortable with, in his arms, I love hugs and cuddles))) nothing is more important, like being at home, making this home enjoable and pleasant for myself, I travel a bit, love that also to know some new places, you always come back a bit different person after the trip, it's important to do it from time to time and rest from work. But for the rest - simple life, simple things to enjoy. I think that's it for now))))))

I guess I like evenings more, actually, I can be online only after work, during weekends might be in the afternoon, I am here when I'm bored or feel being in the mood to talk to someone, meet someone new

I don't like when people are not responsible, when they are late, when they lie, I don't like rude people also, I am myself a polite one, I want you to be same, what you give is what you get

Ich denke, ich bin ein nettes Mädchen. Wenn Sie das bezweifeln - kommen Sie und besuchen Sie mich, Sie werden verstehen, dass es wahr ist :)

Am Abend nach der Arbeit

Ich mag es nicht, wenn Menschen nicht verantwortlich sind, wenn Menschen zu spät kommen, wenn sie lügen, ich mag keine unhöflichen Menschen, ich bin höflich, ich möchte, dass du auch höflich bist, was du gibst ist, was du bekommst