Meaning of Life:There's no better time like the present to take action and do not worry about the future! Good things come to those who wait..Five Things I Can't Live Without:-attention -phone -men -sweetsFavorite Books:love erotical books,,why not inspired from reality.What I Like To Do For Fun:Sometimes i can be really energetic and i try to consume it by dancing and teasing.Favorite Songs:any song with a good beat to make me energetic, or chill out music for hot sex.Favorite Movies:ohhh all kinds,but i'd rather have my own ..haha they would be much more interesting than you think.Craziest Thing I've Ever Done:we should privately speak about it,not everyone has to know it ;)If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now:oh i dunno,think of the most intimate place someone would like to be ..maybe your house, or your lap haha. just let your imagination run wild.Hobbies:Main hobby is to make sure your dreams and fantasies come true.Talents:i can make you lose your mind in an instant with just a look and a grin on my face! Give it a shot and you'll see.Perfect Mate:-thoughtful -pays attention -very attractive -spoil me with little gifts in order to feel loved -has to love you regardless of your flaws and imperfections. -loyal and -never abandon you.Best Reason to Get to Know Me:i'm one sensual and sexual girl,who is ready to offer unforgettable moments.I can easily surprise you,if you surprise me as well.I love to tease as well as being teased and impressed. I know what men generally want,but it wouldn't hurt to hear about your interests and wishes and make them happen.

every day and every night

never ignore me :( :)