Hey! My name is Katrijn and I'm currently 22 years old. In my humble opinion, I am a very versatile person, always up to chat about anything and everything. Don't be afraid to hit me up, I don't bite. Much.

I'll try to be online as often as I can. But you'll be able to find me reeeeally late at night.

I don't enjoy being treated with any lack of respect or being forced to do anything I have explicitly said I would not do. Be nice to me and I'll be nice to you. Other than that, there isn't much anything that I don't like.

Goedenavond. Mijn naam is Katrijn uit Ijsland, maar ik woon in Belgiƫ. Ik ben een dominante vrouw, een meesteres, uw godin. Kom naar me als je wilt spelen, ik hou van onderdanige mannen.

elke dag

arrogante mannen