salut et espere de avoir plaisir de te connair et biensur d eme connair toi a suis une tres normale femme avec pas trop choses de demander de toi ..seulement ete sincere et biensur laisser moi le temp de avoir plaisir ensemble

vers 20pm


Hey everyone and welcome to my room;first of all i want you all to know that im a simple person who doesnt accept lies or fakes in life;im kind,gentle,with humor but also i can become a very wild person..i dunno what else i can say about myself i think each person can make an opinion..:)

well usually pm start with 20 my time

pff i hate anal,jerk on my face or things like this

holaa:) et bienvenido a mi abitacion;espero que vas a tener pazienza con migo asi me vas a conocer mas bien

normalmente vengo a las 20 pm

oribile cosas como anal e esos