I should decide to make you My little sissy slut, know that I plan to use you often and well regardless of your pathetic desires. You will worship at My feet slave whether you want to hear one of My dirty little tales or you want Me to weave your

I can be here just when yu want me :-) Just send a mail and in case i am not here yet, i will jump online, so i wait ya mails guys !!!:-) P.S. in rest the most of the time i am online !:-) Mwahhhh ...

Nothing yet, but better don't try!

Eu decid sa te fac mica Mea curva, am de gand sa te folosesc adesea si bine, indiferent de dorintele tale patetice !

In general sunt supa amiaza, dar imi poti da un email, si voi incerca sa fiu cand poti si tu !

Nimic deocamdata, dar mai bine nu imi incerca limitele !